⁉️Fair Launch FaQ

Frequently asked questions on Flashpad Fair Launch (Solana)

1. Why are we launching on Solana?

FlashPad is expanding to Solana to tap into its vibrant ecosystem and reach a wider audience. Launching on Solana allows us to leverage its high throughput and low transaction fees, enhancing the overall experience for users and enabling broader adoption of FlashPad's services, by onboarding the Solana Community.

2. What happens to ETH/FLASH now?

The ETH/FLASH pair remains active, and FlashPad continues to support its community on the Ethereum blockchain. We're expanding to Solana to complement our existing ecosystem, offering users more options and opportunities for participation.

3. What happens to ETH/FLASH after the Fair Launch?

After the Fair Launch, the ETH/FLASH pair will continue to be supported. FlashPad remains committed to its Ethereum community and will maintain its presence on the Ethereum blockchain while expanding to Solana to cater to a broader user base and our cross-chain expansion initiative.

4. Why are you printing more tokens?

The decision to mint more tokens is part of our strategic plan to facilitate the expansion of FlashPad's ecosystem. These additional tokens are intended to support the growth of the platform and provide liquidity across multiple chains, ultimately benefiting the entire FlashPad community as a unified whole.

5. What is the purpose of launching on Solana?

Launching on Solana serves the purpose of broadening FlashPad's reach and accessibility. By offering our services on Solana, we provide users with faster transactions and lower fees, enhancing their overall experience and fostering greater participation in the FlashPad ecosystem by an expanded user base.

6. Will there be another launch on Linea in the near future?

While there are no immediate plans for another launch on Linea, FlashPad remains committed to supporting its community on all supported blockchains. Any future decisions regarding launches will be communicated transparently to our community.

7. Is there a bridge between ETH/FLASH & SOL/FLASH?

Yes, there is a bridge being developed to facilitate seamless interoperability between the Ethereum-based FlashPad ecosystem and the Solana-based ecosystem. This bridge will enable users to transfer assets between the two chains, ensuring continuity and accessibility for all FlashPad users.

8. Why can you not first start the marketing to let ETH usher in new investors before releasing the SOL token?

The decision to expand to Solana is part of our long-term strategy to diversify and grow FlashPad's ecosystem. By simultaneously marketing to both Ethereum and Solana communities, we aim to maximize exposure and attract a diverse range of investors to participate in FlashPad's offerings across multiple chains.

9. How do you protect the interests of our early ETH holders?

FlashPad is committed to protecting the interests of its early ETH holders by maintaining support for the ETH/FLASH pair and ensuring a seamless transition to the Solana ecosystem. Our strategic decisions are aimed at enhancing the overall value proposition for all FlashPad users, including early adopters.

10. The supply has doubled. How can we ensure early ETH holders still benefiting?

Minting tokens for the Solana expansion directly on the Solana blockchain shouldn't directly affect the price of the ETH/FLASH pair on the Ethereum blockchain. The two ecosystems operate independently in terms of token issuance and trading.

11. What will be sold in the Sol presale, and where will new tokens come from?

In the Sol presale, FlashPad will offer a portion of its SOL/FLASH tokens to investors. This distribution aligns with the goal of maintaining token value and incentivizing early holders while supporting the expansion initiative on the Solana blockchain. It ensures that both ecosystems receive adequate resources for growth and development while preserving the interests of the community.

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