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At FLASHPAD, our foremost commitment is delivering a robust product before seeking funds. Quality prevails over haste. Brace for the fair launch of FLASHPAD—an event defined by transparency and equitable chances. Every participant, be it web-3 builders, projects, or partners, will share in the opportunity to acquire FLASH Tokens on a level playing field. Join us as we usher in a new era of integrity and innovation.

Lightning Pools

Embarking on the Lightning Pools, we establish an exclusive haven for pioneering web-3 projects, communities, and users. These specially curated farms serve a dual purpose: priming Flashpad's initial liquidity pre-token launch and furnishing our community with an enticing avenue to amass xFLASH tokens.

Depositors witness a continuous linear accumulation of xFLASH emissions throughout the six-month post-public sale period. Flexibility reigns supreme, enabling withdrawals at any juncture, with their emission shares bolstering other participants.

In select scenarios, the Lightning Pools doesn't just distribute xFLASH, but also extends incentives from a complementary token, often contributed by partner protocols.

Rooted in the established Lightning Pool reward framework, the Lightning Pools ensure familiarity and align seamlessly with our ecosystem's values.

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