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The foundation of our ecosystem-driven strategy is the Flashpad Automated Market Maker (AMM), meticulously crafted around the following guiding principles:

  • Unmatched Flexibility and Customization: Our AMM is built to offer a remarkable degree of adaptability, allowing for tailored solutions that align with varying requirements.

  • Enhanced Trading Efficiency: Prioritizing user experience, our AMM optimizes trading efficiency, ensuring seamless and swift transactions.

  • Empowering Protocol Growth: By seamlessly adapting to the evolving needs of protocols, we actively contribute to their expansion and development.

This commitment to excellence culminated in the creation of our AMM V2 and AMM V3. This latest iteration introduces a dual-liquidity model for pairs, fostering stability, and introducing dynamic directional fees. Moreover, it incorporates a swap referral mechanism, strategically supporting collaborative applications.

FLASHPAD's Automated Market Maker (AMM) is underpinned by the UniV2 constant formula, enriched with our proprietary adaptation of a Solidity-type logic tailored specifically for stable assets. This unique combination ensures a finely tuned and robust trading mechanism within our ecosystem.

Dual-liquidity type

Every Liquidity Provider (LP) on the FLASHPAD has the flexibility to define a distinct type for their liquidity pool. This choice is contingent upon the anticipated level of price correlation between the two tokens composing the pair.

Volatile pairs

Pairs that exhibit high volatility are comprised of assets that have minimal correlation between them. These pairs adhere to the conventional UniV2 model and employ the standard constant product formula.

Stable pairs

Stable pairs are designated for assets that demonstrate a correlation and strive to uphold a consistent 1:1 transfer ratio. These pairs adhere to the Solidly curve, a renowned mathematical formula.

Dynamic directional fees

Recognizing that a single approach may not suit every situation, we offer customizable swap fees that can be adapted to prevailing market conditions and the unique requirements of different protocols.

Dynamic & directional

FLASHPAD pairs offer the flexibility to configure individualized swap fees, and further customization allows for distinct fee values based on the specific swap direction – either buying or selling. This versatile approach empowers us to provide tailored incentives for each pair, considering factors such as asset volatility, stability, and the unique goals of protocols. This means we can cater to a range of scenarios, including established projects looking to enhance liquidity, and newly launched projects aiming to stabilize and manage selling pressure.

Fees handling delegation

Every project that chooses to collaborate with us and launches on our AMM has the opportunity to customize their LPs with distinct swap rates aligned with its unique strategy. Our long-term vision involves enabling partnering protocols to directly manage and control the swap fees for their own pairs. This approach ensures that each project can optimize its trading environment according to its specific goals and requirements.


The swap referral feature is designed specifically for our partners and projects seeking integration within our ecosystem. As part of this initiative, partnered projects have the option to incorporate their referral address into transactions conducted on FLASHPAD via their d-app. Consequently, they receive a portion of the swap fees generated by their users. This mechanism fosters a mutually beneficial arrangement, ensuring that all participants within the FLASHPAD ecosystem are appropriately incentivized, thereby promoting fairness and long-term sustainability.

It's important to note that the swap referral functionality is exclusively available to whitelisted partners. Individual users and unapproved projects are not eligible to utilize this feature. If you're a new or existing project developer interested in exploring our services, please reach out to us directly for further information and assistance.

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