⚙️Thunder Pool

Unlocking the Potential of FLASHPAD's Staking Feature: Thunder Pools

Thunder Pools stands as a powerful testament to the untapped capabilities of FLASHPAD's staked positions. These pools offer a structured framework where users can deposit their staked positions (spNFTs), thereby unlocking an additional layer of yield rewards to complement their existing earnings.

In practical terms, Thunder Pools serves as a direct and permissionless avenue for protocols to incentivize liquidity without the involvement of intermediaries. What truly sets Thunder Pools apart is their unique ability to incorporate specific requirements. This feature empowers projects to precisely target the staking user profiles they wish to reward or focus incentives on particular types of liquidity.

Within the app, two distinct types of Thunder Pools are available:

1. Official Thunder Pools: These are initiated by the Flashpad team or verified partners, offering a curated approach to liquidity incentives.

2. Community Thunder Pools: Openly deployed by any interested party, these pools provide a decentralized means for projects to engage with their users and tailor their liquidity incentives.

Thunder Pools harness the potential of staked positions to create a dynamic ecosystem where liquidity providers can optimize their yield and protocols can finely tailor their reward strategies, all while maintaining a permissionless and versatile framework.

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