Default Functionality and Customization for Thunder Pools

Thunder Pools, by default, exclusively admit compatible spNFTs, specifically staking positions emanating from wrapped LPs. Additionally, protocols initiating a Thunder Pool hold the prerogative to introduce personalized requisites, tailored to precisely target distinct positions or profiles of staking users.

1. Amount:

The most intuitive and fundamental stipulation, solely staked positions possessing the stipulated amount are eligible for deposit into the Thunder Pool.

The quantity criteria will be aligned with the unit of the position's LP.

2. Locks:

Specific lock settings on staked positions can be mandated to validate their deposit:

  • Duration: The staked position should feature a cumulative lock duration of at least x days.

  • End Time: The staked position is required to remain locked until at least xx/xx/xxxx.

3. Whitelist:

Protocols also have the flexibility to institute a whitelist, authorizing only designated addresses to engage with their Thunder Pools.

This mechanism holds diverse applications, such as rewarding steadfast users, winners of competitions, targeted compensations, or a substitution for traditional airdrops.

4. Custom Requirement Contract:

Situations may arise where certain protocols necessitate highly specific prerequisites that are not inherently accommodated within the native Thunder Pools contracts.

In such scenarios, any project retains the capacity to integrate its distinct custom requirement contract into a Thunder Pool.

This amalgamation of default functionality and customizable features allows protocols to finely tailor the criteria for participation in their Thunder Pools, enhancing their ability to achieve unique objectives and establish meaningful interactions with their user base.

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