Creating and Managing Thunder Pools: Flexibility and Control

The process of deploying Thunder Pools is open to all, enabling the incentivization of diverse liquidity types. Each Thunder Pool creation requires the following essential details:

  • Choose the token (LP token or single asset) that you wish to incentivize within the Thunder Pools.

  • Specify the incentive token that will be distributed as rewards within the pool.

  • Opening Time: Determine the start of the opening of the deposit, marking the pool's visibility to users on the app.

  • Start Time: Activate the initiation of rewards distribution.

  • End Time: Set the conclusion of rewards distribution.

Once a Thunder Pool has been established, the deployer has the option to configure its requirements to align with specific criteria.

Adding Rewards:

The responsibility of replenishing the pool with rewards lies solely with the Thunder Pool's deployer. Rewards can be injected at any point prior to the end of the pool's duration, even if rewards are already being distributed. These rewards are exclusively provided in the form of a predetermined incentive token.

Modifications to Existing Thunder Pools:

Deployed Thunder Pools can be modified or canceled by the owner at any time before the opening time. This dynamic feature empowers deployers to adapt their strategies based on evolving circumstances.

Diverse Thunder Pool Types:

There are two primary categories of Thunder Pools available:

  1. Official Thunder Pools: These pools are either directly established by the FLASHPAD team or by verified partners. Some official Thunder Pools might incorporate custom implementations, outlined on their respective pages.

  2. Community Thunder Pools: Newly created Thunder Pools are designated as "Community Thunder" pools by default. These pools are independently established by users without the involvement of the FLASHPAD team.

The creation and management of Thunder Pools offer a comprehensive level of customization, allowing users to tailor their liquidity incentivization strategies according to their project's unique requirements and objectives.

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