Redeem xFLASH


The vesting procedure facilitates the conversion of xFLASH to FLASH tokens, following specific ratio and output rates guidelines:

- Minimum duration: 15 days (50% FLASH output)

- Maximum duration: 6 months (100% FLASH output)

Opting for a vesting duration below the maximum (ratio <100%) results in the remaining FLASH being burned.

During the xFLASH vesting period, 50% of the total amount is automatically staked in the dividends, generating rewards while the vesting process continues.

For instance, if you redeem 100 xFLASH for a 90-day (3-month) vesting period, you'll receive 72.3% of the FLASH output, equating to 72.3 FLASH after 90 days.

At the same time, 50 xFLASH will be staked in the Dividends, generating rewards that can be harvested at any point during the vesting period.

If redemption is terminated before its completion, the entire process becomes void. In such a case, the user will regain the total amount of xFLASH being redeemed, without receiving any FLASH.

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