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Practice on Flashpad


To guarantee a seamless and easily accessible journey for newcomers embracing Flashpad, we provide comprehensive user guides catering to each of its functionalities. These instructional resources are finely tuned to aid novices in proficiently exploring and unlocking the complete potential of Flashpad. They encompass detailed clarifications, directives, and meticulously crafted video tutorials for each facet.

Contained within a dedicated app section, users can readily avail themselves of the subsequent tools:


Swap Feature (Learn)

Add Liquidity (Learn)


Staking Feature - Positions & Pools (Learn)

  • Unlink the Liquidity Provider

  • Convert LPs or individual assets into fresh web-3 staked positions (spNFTs)

  • Observe your web-3 staked positions

  • Review pairs with yield-bearing potential (incentivized by Flashpad)

  • Collect accumulated rewards from the ongoing farming process

  • Modify locking periods on web-3 staked positions

  • Enhance and diminish the influence of web-3 staked positions

  • Move your stake to another web-3 wallet address

  • Divide a staked position into smaller parts

  • Combine different web-3 staked positions

  • Retrieve assets from the Lightning pool

Thunder Pool (Learn)

  • Check official and community Thunder Pools

  • Deposit users’ staked position (spNFT) into a Thunder Pool

  • Yield rewards from the Thunder Pool


Actions with xFLASH (Learn)

  • Convert $FLASH to $xFLASH

  • Redeem $FLASH to $xFLASH

  • Allocate $xFLASH to dividends, harvest rewards, and deallocate $xFLASH from dividends

  • Yield boost for staked positions

Flashpad (Launch Pad)


  • Access historical and ongoing public sales

  • Engage in the public sale process

  • Redeem your allocated public sale amount

  • Create a unique referral link

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