Generate spNFT Position

Staking Feature

Basic Info

The staked position, known as spNFT, represents a user's ownership stake in the pool and provides withdrawal privileges. When users establish an spNFT position, they gain access to various alternatives that differ from the traditional methods of LP farming.


  • spNFT = wrapped LP.

  • On the Liquidity tab, users can conveniently combine tokens to create an spNFT position.

  • In the Positions -> spNFT tab, clicking on "New position" allows users to convert either LP tokens or individual assets into spNFTs.

UI Guide

Head to the Liquidity section, from there:

  1. Select spNFT

  2. Select the tokens you wish to transform into a staked position

  3. Click on the Create Position button

  1. You could also use the locking feature during the process

Before you lock your position, please verify that the pair associated with your position is generating $x/FLASH emissions. If there are no emissions for the pair, time-locking won't increase your APR, although the user interface will still allow you to lock the position. The bonus you receive from time-locking is referred to as the "Lock bonus APR," located at the bottom of the window.

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