spNFT Position Management

Staking Feature

The administration of spNFTs encompasses the following functions:

1. Fundamental Operations (deposit, withdraw, harvest)

2. Modifying Lock Durations (lock & renew)

3. Boosting and Un-boosting Staked Positions (spNFT)

4. Transferring Your Staked Position to a Different Wallet Address

5. Splitting Staked Positions

6. Merging Staked Positions


Deposit, Withdraw, Harvest, and Farm

  • By depositing the same tokens utilized to create an spNFT position, you can augment your holdings.

  • Staked positions can be withdrawn back into LP tokens or individual assets either entirely or partially through the withdrawal function.

  • Harvesting enables the collection of pending rewards from an active yield farm.

  • Clicking the "Farm" button will direct you to the corresponding actively incentivized pair within the farm.

Lock and Renew

  • Utilizing the Lock function allows you to secure your staked position for a chosen duration. A longer lock period results in a higher Multiplier bonus from farming emissions.

  • Renewing the lock period is possible; however, the renewal must span at least the same number of days remaining on the current lock.

Boost and Unboost

  • The "Boost" button allows you to amplify your position without using the yield booster page.

  • Conversely, the "Unboost" function reverses the boosting effect.

Split, Merge, and Transfer

  • Through the split function, you can divide your staked position based on a ratio determined by you. Certain position settings, such as lock duration, are adjusted during a split. Yield-boosted positions retain their boost on the original ID position.

  • The merge function facilitates the consolidation of multiple staked positions that share the same pair, with no limitation on the number of positions that can be merged. When merging, the longest lock from a specific position always governs the merged position.

  • Whenever multiple positions are merged, the longest lock from a specific position takes precedence in the merged outcome.

  • The transfer feature empowers you to move staked positions from one wallet to another, effectively transferring ownership of the staked positions to the receiving wallet.

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