💎Swap Feature

The Swap Feature offers users the ability to directly trade between two tokens. This swapping feature is utilized when traders intend to switch tokens within specific trading pairs.

When users engage in token swapping on flashpad.io, a trading fee is imposed. The exchange's liquidity is sourced from liquidity providers who contribute tokens to liquidity pools.

  • For instance, a user with ETH who wishes to obtain another token like $FLASH can execute a swap.

  • In cases where tokens have a custom transfer tax, it might be necessary to significantly increase the slippage and utilize the V2 swap mode exclusively.

Step-by-step guide:

Step 1: Choose the desired swap mode

Step 2: Pick the token you want to swap and specify the amount => Select the token you wish to receive => Click the Swap button

Step 3: Confirm the wallet transaction when prompted.

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