Explain Thunder Pools

Thunder Pools

A Thunder Pool can function as an additional reservoir of rewards, supplementing the gains derived from your staked positions (spNFTs). Should the pair employed for establishing the Thunder Pools be incentivized, you stand to concurrently accumulate trading fees, farm incentives, and Thunder Pools rewards.

Scenario A:

Let's consider creating an spNFT utilizing the ETH/USDC pair, a constituent of an incentivized pool. This spNFT position will promptly initiate returns. Upon depositing this staked position into a Thunder Pool, your income sources will encompass three categories: trading fees from providing liquidity, rewards from the Thunder Pools, and farm incentives.

Scenario B:

Should you generate an spNFT using the XYZ/USDC pair, which lacks incentivization from Flashpad, your earnings will be confined to trading fees automatically reinvested into the liquidity pool. However, should you proceed to deposit this staked position into a Thunder Pool, your earnings will encompass trading fees stemming from liquidity provision and rewards sourced from the Thunder Pool.

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