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FLASHPAD pioneers an entirely novel realm of opportunity as the very first and exclusive launchpad operating on the Linea chain. This groundbreaking initiative marks the advent of a new era, redefining the landscape of project launches and propelling builders into uncharted horizons.

How a Fairlaunch works on FLASHPAD?

FLASHPAD introduces a distinct and impartial avenue for universal participation in token sales, devoid of any prerequisites. Employing an equitable launch model, all individuals are granted an equal chance to engage in token acquisition, irrespective of their influence or investment magnitude.

The fairness imbued in our launch model ensures an open and level playing field, eliminating concerns about conventional price fluctuations linked to token listings. Our objective is to provide an impartial opportunity for all participants to secure tokens before they enter the public market. This equal opportunity is upheld regardless of investment timing or volume, guaranteeing each participant a token allocation commensurate with their contribution's value.

The specifics of each sale, encompassing aspects such as hardcap, whitelist inclusion, and other particulars, are thoughtfully determined by the project team. This information is transparently communicated well in advance of each launchpad sale through our dynamic social platforms and the interactive Discord server.

Notably, irrespective of the timing or extent of their investment, every participant receives tokens of equal value to their contribution. This equitable distribution prevails as long as participants engage within the designated timeframe, ensuring an inclusive experience for all.

How to determine the token price?

The pivotal factor in token pricing lies in our innovative approach. Our fair launch auction initiates with a fixed Fully Diluted Valuation (FDV) and a baseline token price, let's say, $0.1. Upon reaching a predetermined milestone, such as $1 million raised, the price discovery phase commences. Throughout this phase, the token price incrementally rises with each acquisition, aptly represented by the formula:

Price = Total $ raised / sale circulating supply

Importantly, regardless of the moment of participation, even whitelisted addresses will secure tokens at an identical final price, a value derived from the conclusive assessment of the fair launch public sale auction.

For example, consider a fair launch scenario without a hard cap: Frank invests $1000 at the start of the sale, obtaining tokens at $0.1 each, while John contributes the same amount on the final sale day, securing tokens at $0.9 each. Given a final valuation of $1 per token in the public sale auction, both Frank and John are eligible for 1000 tokens each, perfectly encapsulating the principle of equitable distribution. This, in turn, sets the stage for a market entry price of $1.

Sale Creation & Participation Procedures

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