Create Launchpad


To create Launchpad, you need to overcome these 4 steps:

  1. Verify Token: Enter the token address and verify

  2. Defi Launchpad Info: Enter the launchpad information that you want to raise, that should be enter all details about your presale

  3. Add Additional Info: Let people know who you are

  4. Finish: Review your information

Fill Up Token Address Info:

  1. Token CA

  2. Currency

  3. Fee Options

1% LineaETH raised + 2% token sold

5% LineaETH raised (recommended)

Fill Up Token Info Creation:

Hit the "Create" button to open the Token Info form

Fill the form below:

  1. Token Type: Standard/Liquidity Generator

  2. Name

  3. Symbol

  4. Decimals

  5. Total Supply

  6. Transaction fee to generate yield (%) - for liquidity generator only

  7. Transaction fee to generate liquidity (%) - for liquidity generator only

  8. Maximum Transaction Amount - for liquidity generator only

  9. Exchange Thersold - for liquidity generator only

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