🔥Deflationary Mechanism


In addition to the $FLASH hardcap, we've implemented deflationary measures to reduce the overall supply:

Buyback & Burn: A portion of protocol earnings are allocated to buyback and burn $FLASH continuously, exerting upward pressure on its value.

$xFLASH Redemptions: When converting $xFLASH to $FLASH, if the vesting period is less than the maximum, the $xFLASH to $FLASH ratio will be less than 1:1, ranging down to a minimum of 1:0.5. Any excess $FLASH will be automatically burned. For instance, if a user redeems 1000 $xFLASH with a minimum 15-day vesting duration, they will receive a 1:0.5 ratio, resulting in 500 $FLASH. This means that 500 $FLASH will be burned in the process.

$xFLASH Deallocation: When deallocating $xFLASH, a deallocation tax, typically 0.5%, is applied. The equivalent amount in $FLASH will be automatically burned.

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