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Linea & Metamask Guide

MetaMask stands as the most widely embraced and cost-free wallet software, compatible with virtually any Ethereum-based blockchain, including Flashpad's home, Linea. With MetaMask, you can effortlessly store assets, purchase, and seamlessly connect with platforms atop Ethereum's blockchain, such as Flashpad.

Accessible as a browser extension for PC on Chrome, Firefox, Brave, Edge, Opera, and Edge, MetaMask is also available as an app on iOS and Android devices. Our comprehensive tutorial will guide you through the wallet creation process (demonstrated using Chrome, though the steps apply universally).

1. Begin by visiting https://metamask.io/ and tapping the download button.

2. Select your desired installation device on the following page.

3. Click "Add to Chrome."

4. Affirm by clicking "Add extension" in the pop-up window.

5. After extension installation, initiate by clicking "Get started."

6. Opt to "Create a wallet."

7. Set a secure password for wallet access, then "Create."

8. Reveal your secret words and safeguard them meticulously as they're the sole means of recovering your funds in dire circumstances.

9. Confirm your seed phrase's correct order and finalize by clicking "Confirm."

10. Your MetaMask wallet is now operational, accessible by clicking "All done."

Monitor your wallet at any time by clicking the extension icon and hovering over the MetaMask icon.

For instructions on configuring your wallet for use on Linea, Flashpad's home, click the provided link.

Remember, MetaMask places you in full control of your assets; ensure utmost discretion regarding your secret phrase and private key, as sharing these compromises fund security.

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