Add Liquidity

Flashpad's Liquidity Feature

Adding liquidity to the pool means you'll be rewarded with LP tokens.

These tokens grant you a share in the liquidity pool and also entitle you to trading fees. To maximize your earnings further, consider creating an spNFT position, which can be established without initially adding LP.

For instance, if you add liquidity to the ETH/USDC pair, you'll receive ETH/USDC LP tokens, symbolizing your ownership in that specific pool. As you provide liquidity to this pair, your LP tokens automatically earn a portion of transaction fees. To enhance your rewards even more, you can wrap your LP token into a staked position (spNFT), unlocking additional utilities and rewards on top of fee earnings.

Liquidity providers benefit from a fraction of each transaction fee. By converting your LP token into a staked position (spNFT), you create a dynamic position that generates extra yields from incentive pairs and the Thunder pool. The process of crafting an spNFT is outlined here.

For those solely interested in LP, here's a step-by-step guide:

1. Pick the first token you wish to bundle into an LP (Liquidity Pool).

2. Select the second token for the LP.

3. Click "Add liquidity."

4. Confirm the "Add liquidity" option in the ensuing window.

5. Verify the transaction in your wallet.

Note: If this is your initial time adding this particular LP, your wallet might require approval before proceeding.

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