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Flashpad's Stake Position

The Earn section is divided into distinct categories, each serving a specific purpose:

  1. Lightning Pool (Genesis): Originally, Flashpad liquidity was initiated via Lightning Pools.

  2. Thunder Pool: Deposit staked positions into compatible Thunder pools to earn supplementary rewards.

  3. Staking: Manage your staked positions and make necessary adjustments.

By depositing your staked position into the Thunder pool, you gain additional rewards alongside trading fees and farm incentives. This combination allows your position to earn swap fees, boosted farm emissions, and Thunder rewards.

Boosts exclusively enhance the existing APR% from farm incentives, while the Time lock and yield booster don't impact rewards from Thunder/Lightning Pool.

Example A

  • A user establishes an spNFT position involving FLASH/USDC.

  • The FLASH/USDC pair comes with incentives, allowing the positioned assets to generate yield through farming rewards.

  • Consequently, the user accrues benefits from the ongoing yield farm and gains a portion of the fees earned from every FLASH/ETH transaction.

Example B

  • A user generates an spNFT position with XYZ/USDC, but this specific pair lacks incentives.

  • To counter this, the user locates the relevant XYZ/USDC Thunder pool and transfers the position into it.

  • As a result, the user starts earning rewards from the Thunder pool and also receives a share of the fees acquired from each XYZ/USDC transaction.

Maximizing spNFT Farming Example

  • An individual initiates an ETH/USDC position, benefiting from incentives provided by Flashpad.

  • The user employs a yield booster to amplify the existing APR% derived from farming incentives associated with the staked position.

  • Furthermore, the user locks the staked position to obtain an additional boost to the APR%.

  • The next step involves depositing this position into an ETH/USDC Thunder Pools.

  • Consequently, the user's LP token automatically gains a portion of the fees collected from each ETH/USDC transaction. Additionally, the user's staked position reaps augmented yield from farming incentives, and rewards are obtained from the Thunder Pools.

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