Unlocking the Potential of Thunder Pools for Staked Positions

Thunder Pools have been meticulously designed to exclusively accommodate staked positions (spNFTs) as deposits, offering a tailored environment to further enhance yield opportunities. Each Thunder Pool is endowed with specific settings to ensure a targeted and efficient incentivization process:

  • Asset Specificity: A designated wrapped LP (or single asset) is stipulated, allowing only spNFTs generated from this chosen asset to be deposited into the pool.

  • Reward Token: A reward token is assigned, with the possibility of augmenting rewards over time.

  • Temporal Framework: Thunder Pools operate within a defined time structure.

  • Deposit Start Time: Marks the commencement of the staking period.

  • Rewards Distribution Phase Duration: Specifies the duration for which rewards will be distributed (start and end times).

  • Optional Harvest Start Time: Determines when earned rewards can be collected, introducing flexibility to the process.

Certain Thunder Pools may exhibit distinct settings tailored to their specific use cases, and users will be explicitly informed about such variations. It's important to note that all custom Thunder Pools presented within the app either originate from the FLASHPAD team or have undergone thorough auditing.

Multi-Staking Dynamics:

Users possess the freedom to deposit varying quantities of their spNFTs into Thunder Pools. Rewards are consequently calculated based on the cumulative total of all current user deposits. This flexible framework permits users to add new positions at any time and withdraw staked positions, either partially or entirely.

Interacting with Staked Positions:

While certain interactions may be logically unavailable while staked, users maintain the ability to expand their position and harvest $xFLASH and $FLASH rewards for all spNFTs staked within a Thunder Pool. For any other operations pertaining to a deposited staked position, users are required to first withdraw the position from the Thunder Pool, ensuring a seamless and controlled experience.

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